Jules et Films


Jules et Films are a film production company based in Romania. We are both executive and line-producer.

Our company is the fruit of the collaboration between Ana Dumitrescu, photographer, author and film director and Jonathan Boissay, journalist and sound engineer, both having a longer than 10-year-experience in the field of information.
After a 6-year collaboration on several feature documentaries, they have decided to team-up their efforts in producing feature documentaries focused on Eastern European and Balkans.

Ana Dumitrescu's film, "Licu, a Romanian Story", the first one produced by Jules et Films, won Golden Dove at DOK Leipzig 2017.


Ana Dumitrescu


As an ex-photojournalist, Ana Dumitrescu has worked in France and Romania for numerous media groups such as National Geographic, Mediafax and the Gamma-Rapho photo agency.
Her work deals with society topics such as the Holocaust of Roma during the Second World War, homophobia in Romania, or the undocumented workers in France.
As an artist photographer, she has multiplied exhibitions around the world narrating through photos the life-story of others.

To date, she has directed five feature films. The two first were released in theaters in France and abroad. The journalistically engaged approach of these two films evolved to a more artistically visual-writing approach as reflected in the next films: “The Green Chair”, a short movie distributed by L’Agence du Court-Métrage, and “Time of Light” a feature documentary.

“Licu”, shot in Romania and produced by Jules et Films is her latest feature documentary. This feature documentary won Golden Dove at Dok leipzig 2017.
Bi-cultural, she divides her time between France and Romania. In 2016, she founded “Jules et Films” her film production company in Romania.

Website: www.anadumitrescu.com


• 2017 – Licu, a Romanian story
(Licu, o poveste românească)
86 min – Feature documentary – Romania – produced by Jules et Films
DOK Leipzig 2017: Golden Dove - International Competition
Festivals: TIFF Cluj 2018, Krakow Film Festival 2018, ZagrebDox 2018, One World Romania 2018, CineDoc Tbilisi 2018, Solidarity Tel Aviv 2018, Serile Filmului Românesc 2018.
Website - Cinémagia

• 2016 – Time of Light
(Le Temps de la Lumière)
98 min, Experimental artistic feature documentary, France, production BarProd.

• 2015 – Même pas Peur !
110 min, Feature documentary, France, production BarProd.
Released in theaters in France on October 10, 2015.
Website - Allociné

• 2014 – The Green Chair, a Cat on a Trapeze and other ordinary stories
(La Chaise Verte, un Chat sur un Trapèze et autres histoires ordinaires)
10 min, Short documentary film, France, production BarProd.
Distributed by L’Agence du Court-Métrage.

• 2012 – Khaos, the Human Faces of the Greek Crisis
(Khaos, les Visages Humains de la Crise Grecque)
93 min, Feature documentary, France, production EIRL Ana Dumitrescu.
Released in theaters in France on October 10, 2012
Website - Allociné




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Jonathan Boissay


Jonathan Boissay started his career as a freelance journalist for several newspapers and TV channels in France like AFP TV, Parliamentarian Channel and BFM TV, a news channel.

The narrowness of the news field made him turn to the feature documentaries. He met Ana Dumitrescu in 2011 with which he has collaborated as a sound engineer and assistant director.

In 2016, he decided to settle in Romania having become a partner in “Jules et Films”